In today’s world we all witness our kid(s) are super talented and with lots of exposure they are very much advance, technology seems to be in their blood…also we love it when they are praised and the whole world knows about it.
But very close to Mumbai just 30 kms away from Shahpur (Asangaon) there are small villages like adivasi pada / Belvali in that more than 1500 kids who wouldn’t have seen computer / Television in their lives and in fact most of the kids are bare foot as they can’t afford to buy & wear a footwear.

In this darkness silently & calmly there are two people who consider all the adivasi kids to be theirs and are working religiously for their well-being… from last 10 years Mr. Dhiraj Dongare (Wings for Dreams Founder) and his team are working on 1500 kids’ basic education & development. It was our pleasure that Walnut Excellence Education team could celebrate its 3 Anniversary with these lovely kids & had a memorable day. So thank you very much Mr. Dhiraj Dongare for such a great work and I also extend my thanks to ME Udhyojak Vaibhav Chapter and WEE – Foundation team

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