NMAC is the first of it’s kind unique Examination having a combination of Maths & Arithmetic portion to enhance School Mathematical Education as well as Arithmetic Education which focuses on Logical Reasoning, Analytical Skills, Day to Day required Calculation and Consumer Maths.

As we all know, Maths is Used Everywhere and in Everything, from paying the bill to calculating the discount, banking transactions as an Employee or as a user, Calculating profit and loss or yearly Investment planning, Tax calculations etc. Also while travelling calculates the time and distance covered or to be covered for estimating reach time. NMAC is a platform for students to Showcase and Enhance a combination of Basic and School Mathematics Calculations, which are frequently used and also come in handy in their Daily Life.

Syllabus:  The subject or exam content is focused on State, CBSE and ICSE board syllabus. It also

Comprises Arithmetic, Logical reasoning, Consumer Maths (Daily Calculations).

Prizes –   1) All the participants will be awarded with student participation certificate.

2) Every standard (Grade) of each participant’s school will have A WINNER and would be rewarded by a Trophy and a Certificate

Result – St Lawrence : 9th April ’17 ; SVDD : 15th April ‘17