Parents are 1st  accepted guru & mentor of all children’s, parental involvement plays a crucial role in a child’s education process. It’s a known fact that parental involvement encourages and motivates children to perform better in all areas.

We all with our own experience knows & agrees that children who do exceedingly well at school, are the ones with strong parental support and guidance. Also research suggests that parental Involvement in education enables children to take an active interest in studies, get better results, and improve conduct.

In Today’s Competitive world Parent’s want to get their child enrolled for no. of programs but due to lack of time & incomplete information they sometime land up taking wrong decision. So to overcome this issue WEE as a company meet up all parent’s personally & give them live demo with complete program details, advantages, their child getting benefited to it & also welcomes them during & after the program to have their queries & solved & give them & their friendly & comfortable environment.