WEE club championship is an exam conducted for Student’s studying Abacus and Vedic math program with WEE, “Walnut Excellence Education” is an ISO certified & Registered company working for children Brain Development Programs, it help children to Rise in Love with Math’s,  it creates platform to showcase their talents by three rounds, CENTER, STATE and NATIONAL level. It helps to boost child confidence to come on stage and showcase magic of maths i.e  doing calculation mentally from minimum 2- rows to 50 rows…and saying the correct answers. It also showcase 3 awards ARJUN,FAST And FURIOUS AND FINGER FIGTHER, This awards is basically for Best STUDENT and Best  TEACHER, so this kind of awards tries to create a bond between students and teachers, also in  wee club championship best school also get rewarded with Best School Trophy for maximum participation and  good result. So in this ways WEE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP stands sky high for growth and Betterment of Children.