Vedic Maths is the ancient system of mathematics which has 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras. It has its origin in India and can be found in the Sthapatya Veda, an Upveda of Atharva Veda. The unique striking feature of the system is its simplified approaches for solving complex numerical problems in seconds.


Vedic Maths is applicable in various industries. Let us highlight a few major areas where we can implement the Vedic Math formulas.

  1. Education

 The use of Vedic Math is most commonly seen in the education industry.  It helps the small school going kids by allowing them to recheck and confirm the answer quickly through vedic math tricks. The students preparing for competitive exams use this system for increasing their speed and accuracy by practicingmental math.

  1. Information Technology

 Vedic Maths has been discovered as a very useful tool for the computer age. Most of the people have been using this system across the globe to derive its benefits in Digital Signal Processing, High Speed Low Power VLSI arithmetic, Designing Micro Chips etc. by using operations like multiplication, division, squares, cubes and their roots.

  1. Space Technology

 One of the formulas in Vedic Math helps in using the value of PI by 10 to 32nd place. This kind of accuracy can be achieved by the system and so is adopted in artificial intelligence and space technology. Even the scientist named Dr. Rick Briggs has made use of Vedic Mathematics in NASA, An American Research Centre for Space technology.


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